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Electronic Payment–By the Numbers 

How much money are you spending just to get paid?

  • Invoice Processing costs are high: Biller Costs $3-$5 per invoice created, $7-$9 for each payment received
  • Enhanced cash flow and working capital management (DSO reduction)
  • Process efficiency and reduced costs
  • Greater cash management visibility and forecasting capabilities
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Control over timing of payment
  • On-line dispute capability
  • Transaction audit trail/history
Electronic Payment

We offer you the option of having your digitized information accessible via the Web, with hosting handled by us at our redundant, secure data centers or on your own servers. Your company will have immediate, secure access to any information you need, for any purpose. And at the touch of a button you can distribute that information to a customer, colleague, vendor, or another company facility via e-mail, fax, or printed copy.

There are many advantages to electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) including:

  • Accessibility from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Worldwide access, with no added communications charges
  • Robust security features that define who may access what information
  • An electronic record of all access, to confirm compliance with legally-mandated privacy requirements and help minimize the risk of misuse
  • Self-service for customers wanting to confirm delivery, billing, or other information
  • Offsite storage for robust disaster recovery capability

You can also opt for intranet or other local hosting and usage.

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