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How to Redeem Your Customer Complaints (and Save the Customer Relationship)

Even companies with the strongest customer relationships get complaints once in awhile. Don’t let those complaints erode your customer relationships. Handle them right and you can actually deepen those relationships. Studies have found that helpful responses to negative customer feedback can actually increase purchase intent among future shoppers. 

Here are five ways to redeem your customer complaints and turn them into positive interactions. 

1. Make giving feedback easy. Create an environment in which it’s easy for customers to make contact with you. Customers are more likely to provide feedback by print or email than they are at the checkout counter or with a sales rep. Use multiple channels (printed forms, email, easily accessible website forms) to solicit their input. 

2. Offer personal responses (like, actually personal). Don’t send people to a generic customer service number. If a customer complains, personalize your responses to each individual and his or her specific issue. Give them a human being to deal with.

3. Pre-fill response forms. The easier you make it for customers to return forms, the more likely they are to do so. Plus, it makes them feel valued and reduces the negative experience of making a complaint. 

4. Go multi-channel. Surveys show that when brands communicate with customers across multiple channels, customers are happier both with their purchases and the brand overall. Create a consistent brand experience regardless of channel the customer uses to communicate with you. 

5. Lean into your data. Data-driven communications can really help with customer retention and customer satisfaction. Use triggered messaging to automatically generate thank yous (such as personalized thank-you emails) to let them know you appreciate the feedback, whether positive or not. 

Need help setting up a multichannel customer feedback program? Let us help!

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