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3 Ways Paper Choices Can Stretch Your Print Dollars

What goes up must come down. Like everything else, the economy is cyclical. But no matter the current economic conditions, it's important to keep marketing your business. Here are three easy ways you can use some simple changes in your paper selection to help lower your costs without impacting the quality of your print campaigns.

1. Use less expensive papers.
Paper prices fluctuate often, so if you haven't standardized on a specific paper, ask about less expensive options. Just because you notice a subtle difference between stocks doesn’t mean your customers will. In fact, they probably won’t.
If you are mailing multi-page documents, consider switching to a lighter stock. This not only can help you save on paper, but it can help you save on postage, too.

2. Use the house paper.
If your piece doesn't demand a specialty paper, opt to use our house stock. House paper isn’t less expensive because it’s lower quality. It’s less expensive because we purchase it in volume and pass the savings on to you. House paper is almost always the least expensive option.

3. Avoid bleeds.
If color needs to go to the edge of the page, depending on the specs of the job, the job may need to be printed on a larger sheet of paper or on a larger press. This can increase your costs. If you don't include bleeds in your artwork, your project might require less paper or be able to be run on a smaller format press. You might also be able to get a similar effect less expensively by using colored paper.
We are experts at helping our customers succeed with their marketing projects. Talk to us about how we can help you meet your goals.

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